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“An airport that can compete with any global equivalent but retain a sense of place and identity. An airport that celebrates India.” The name ‘Jaya He’ is part of the National anthem which encapsulates the meaning as “Glory of the Nation.” Born of this mandate, Jaya He New Museum, Mumbai, was conceived as a spectacular doorway to India, a landmark corporate initiative to safeguard an immense cultural resource from being lost for posterity. Integrating into the fabric of the city, the museum was designed such that it initiates the visitor to a distinctive narrative of a country of incredible complexity and diversity which simultaneously, lives in multiple centuries at once.


"To bring India alive in every home through Jaya He Museum. Connect emotionally. Take art where it belongs. Touch, feel, experience."



(MIAL) is a Joint Venture of Airports Authority of India (AAI) and GVK led Consortium. MIAL was incorporated on March 2, 2006 as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) and a headquartered in Mumbai. Pursuant to Operation, Management and Development Agreement dated April 4, 2006 ('OMDA') entered into between AAI and MIAL, MIAL has been granted the exclusive right and authority to undertake operations, maintenance, development, design, construction, up-gradation, modernization, finance and management of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai.



CSMIA's visual identity has been integral part of it's modernisation process. With the launch of CSMIA's new face, it became the first Indian airport to receive a unique visual identity. Derived from peacock feather, the acronym 'CSMIA' has been woven seamlessly in the logo. The new identity symbolises the three essential attributes: Pride of India, People of India and Global Standards.