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The Jaya He Carnival was launched in 2018 and is seen as a celebration of Indian arts and culture.

ACEF-Asian Leaders Awards for CSR 2020

Best Social Media Campaign "Engagement and Communication"

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Golden Peacock Award 2019

Innovative Product / Service (GPIPSA)

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Infocomm India 2019

Excellence in Customer Experience

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ACEF-Asian Leaders Awards for CSR

India – a growing economy is at a cusp where the initial strict divide between rural and urban is no longer so distinct. It is now witnessing a time where different avenues and platforms need to be developed to have dialogues and conversations between rural and urban as equals rather than rural being the ‘other’. For the urban population, due to fast pace of uncontrolled urbanisation, it feels alienated, stripped off its cultural values and is facing innumerable crisis - personal, social and environmental to name a few. It makes them feel lost in the labyrinth of the urban net. It is now, the need of the hour to create an environment of exchange for the urban population to be rooted in and learn from its counterpart - the rural - which is richly infused with culture and heritage as people who live there, live and breathe it.

Jaya He GVK New Museum, strategically placed in a busy infra structure project like an airport at T2, Mumbai, with almost 48million passengers going through it annually, takes this opportunity to become the agent of change, to become a cultural hub where diverse communities converge at a single point to converse and exchange over art, culture and heritage.

The role of museums in society is changing. Once static institutions museums are reinventing themselves to become more interactive, audience focused, community oriented, flexible, adaptable and mobile. In line with the 2020 theme of International Council of Museums (ICOM): “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion 2020” , Jaya He GVK New Museum takes an initiative to translate this theme over a 30 day celebration of a fest within the airport with Maharashtra and its regions as its main theme.

The festival aims to focus on all the unexplored indigenous aspects of NE India, to discover the undiscovered.  The festival will be planned over 4 weeks (15th May to 15th June 2020) and will be divided into various aspects and the diversity the states offer in its History, Art, Craft, Culture, Food and its People.

While travellers get to Explore, Entertain, Engage and Experience the essence of the state with many programs and exhibitions, it will also give an opportunity for untold stories to unfold. It then will resonate with the objective of International Museum Day: To raise awareness of the fact that museums are cultural institution which helps build and empower communities with diversity and inclusive attitudes to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among people.

This can become a small step towards changing the intimidating perception of a museum to a platform for one and all.

Golden Peacock Award

‘Jaya He Safari’ at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai (“CSMIA”) is a one of its kind of service that offers personalized/guided tours of the Jaya He GVK New Museum (“Airport Museum”) to all travellers irrespective of their sector, airline or the class of travel. Jaya He Safari, through various contemporary ways, promotes interaction between travellers and the airport thereby elevating the overall travel experience of passengers at CSMIA. A typical Jaya He Safari at CSMIA takes about 20 (twenty) minutes and includes specially curated program with storytelling as its essence through the language of art. It highlights:
i. The history of travel and how it has evolved over centuries;
ii. The importance of design led art program at a public utility; 
iii. The architecture of the airport terminal building and its importance as a gateway to the country;
iv. Behind the scene stories including planning, processes and challenges faced by architects and artists in developing art installations that inspire people; and
v. Linking the histories and drawing parallels with existing world.
Jaya He Safari endeavours to continuously engage and enlighten passengers through curated interactions and engagements, which otherwise would have not been experienced by passengers in a typical airport scenario. 

Infocomm India

Excellence in Customer Experience