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This area reinvigorates India’s ancient pre-eminence in the arts of textiles and costumes with exotic props celebrating a rare collection of traditional containers.  Mumbai international airport is the first of its kind to present a display of the most beautiful hand-crafted trunks, as an introductory guide to the treasures that one can carry home. On exiting the aircraft, at the threshold of the city while awaiting their branded luggage - appearing on rivers turning around islands with nondescript signage - freshly arrived travelers from near and far, witness a celebration of India’s first great export…textiles, that made the city of Mumbai. 

Having set an important point of reference with the permanent display, the Museum, in order to stay current and relevant, will be continuously maintained, augmented, re-interpreted and described for all possible audiences with diverse storylines and live audio-visual documentation. For Jaya He, this means that extra attention and care is given to evolve the organisation of an autonomous system within the Corporate structure. This will empower a creative follow through of the Artwork program for a Museum Collection as separate from regular operative procedures.