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Jaya He Audio Visual Guide app opens a treasure trove @ MIAL

16 Dec, 2020 | 03:12 PM


Jaya He Audio Visual Guide app opens a treasure trove at MIAL

The Jaya He New Museum Audio guide app does more than just guide you through the works on display. For one, it explains select masterpieces to you – how they were conceived and what they symbolise. It gives you the back story of how artists from different parts of India, or elsewhere in the world, worked on a particular artefact.


If you want just a small trailer of the museum, the app will give you that. If you want to revel in several of the art works, moving leisurely from one of the six display walls to another, it allows you to do that too bringing alive a panorama of India’s rich culture, the living traditions of its many artisans and the creativity of modern-day artists.


What makes the Jaya he Audio Visual Guide app so very special is that it leads you through the works even if you are not in the city or at the airport. It can give you a guided tour from wherever you are. And the app has no opening or closing hours that you need to adhere to!


The app is friendly and flexible too. If you do not have the time to browse through all that is on display; if a particular work haunts you and you need to come back to it to understand what it represents – the app helps you to do just that.


The handy tool introduces you to a vast world of art, with just a click or two.


The Jaya He New Museum Audio guide app can be downloaded from anywhere in the world, on iOS or Android, for an immersive audio-visual tour of the installations at the airport. QR codes are displayed across the airport for an easy download. Pressing a number that is next to an art work on the app keypad enables users to get to know more about the creation.


If you do not want to download the app on phone, you may scan the QR code displayed on signage in front of each art work. This will take you to the story about the art installation without having to download the app.


The app is a mix of high-quality audio content delivered on a unique technology platform developed by HopOn India. The app goes beyond the Mumbai airport into seven Indian cities to offer audio guided tours for nearly 800 points of interest.


The curious lanes of Ladakh capital Leh, street food in old Delhi, the magnificent wall art of the Ajanta caves near Aurangabad or a nostalgic walk for cricket fans through Mumbai – there is a veritable treasure trove waiting for you to explore. All you have to do is hop on.


The Jaya He Museum tour and a few other guides are available for free. Others can be purchased. Easy in app payment options are provided.


Give it a try, and indulge in some “Old world storytelling with New world technology”.

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