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'Jaya He Safari' is a unique opportunity for departing passengers through Terminal 2 to avail a specially curated museum tour that strives to transform one's interaction with the museum to another level. The tour takes passengers on a time travelling experience along the museum exhibits in the departures section. It dives into bringing out the various aspects of the museum such as the construction process, the thought process of the artist, the stories and history of the various art forms displayed and so on; giving the traveller memory of the airport that is unlike any other airport experience around the world. The Jaya He Safari is hosted by specially trained tour guides called 'Jaya He Captains.' To add to the delight factor for the passengers availing the Safari; post completion of the same they receive a moment of memory from their time spent at the Jaya He GVK New Museum.

Guided tours are currently not available due to pandemic norms

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*Self-safaris are recommended at Arrivals and Baggage Belt Area