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‘India Greets’ is designed as a tableau of India as one of the first installations which visitors encounter as a welcoming gesture to Jaya He Museum is a densely populated vista of diverse traditional doorways, facades, faces and fascias.

Sourced from across the country, they are a language of motifs, designs, and traditional crafts skills. They together offer a testament to cultural diversity of India  as well as the often intangible commonalities that transcend ethnicity, religious affiliations, and geography.  These are replete with symbols of welcome and protection – lotuses, sacred geometries, angels, ancestral figures, and celestial guardian figures.



Andrew Logan belongs to a unique school of English eccentrics. One of Britain’s principal sculptural artists, he challenges convention, mixes media and plays with our artistic values. Since its beginnings, Logan’s work has depended on the inventive use of whatever was to hand. With flair and fantasy he transformed real objects into their new and different versions. His artistic world includes fauna, flora, planets and gods. His love of travel provides the bases for several series of work. 

Born in Oxford in 1945, he qualified in architecture in the late 1960s and has worked across the fields of sculpture, stage design, drama, opera, parades, festivals and interior design. To him, “Art can be discovered anywhere.” Logan crosses cultures and embodies artistic fantasy in a unique and unprecedented way. His work is the art of popular poetry and metropolitan glamour. From his early fame amongst London’s fashionable crowd, he has become an influential artist of international stature, with exhibitions as far afield as Los Angeles (USA), Monterrey (Mexico) and St Petersburg (Russia) and Mumbai (India).


This is a parade of portraits of those who instigrated many aspects of India - Politicians, Philosophers, Religious leaders, Philahthropists, heroes and heroins, Film stars, Musicians, Movie Makers combined play fully in a 19th Rajasthani Facias. They celebrate some movements in India's history.