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Art works, under the theme of ‘Layered Narratives’  flank on one side of the wall along the travelators, the moving walkways, in the Arrival corridor of T2. These specially commissioned artworks of over more than 25 of the contemporary Indian artists, some of them known and some yet to be known, give the visitors a snapshot experience of the Indian city that they are about to enter. Installations, executed in varied materials and surfaces besides wood, glass and paint include trans-disciplinary medium, recycled materials to create some static and some kinetic artworks to bring out the various shades of tangible and intangible aspects of this living entity which the city of Mumbai almost is. 

Intended as an introduction to Mumbai and by extension the generic city that exists everywhere, they were conceived to reveal the fluid nature of India’s evolving urbanism. Persistent physical and emotional scapes, varying aspirations and apprehensions, dynamic perceptions and technologies, narrowed down the art-craft divide while making the old and new seamless.